A celebration of cars, craft and community

A celebration of cars, craft and community

August 17, 2022 at The Monterey Jet Center

Carrying on the legacy

Beginning in 2022, McCall's Motorworks Revival has a new host and new name. Hagerty invites you to join us at the Monterey Jet Center for the ultimate celebration of automotive beauty, exquisite aircraft, and the motorworks community. 

Spectacular cars and planes won’t be the only things to enjoy. Indulge in elevated dining and drinks throughout the night from the finest chefs and ingredients Monterey and broader California have to offer.

For 20 years, Hagerty has partnered with McCall's Motorworks Revival and is thrilled to be taking it on as part of their expanding suite of automotive events and experiences. Beginning in 2022, Hagerty will be the official host of this time-honored event, now known as Motorlux.

Listen in as McKeel Hagerty and Gordon McCall share more about this year's event. Watch video

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